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PhD program TU Wien bioactive - Technologies for Drug Discovery and Production

Excellence through cooperative research

In the PhD program TU Wien bioactive, 10 PhD students work closely together to shape a better future. We share an ambitious vision: We want to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Our ground-breaking concept combines methods for the discovery of novel bioactive substances and sustainable production of pharmaceuticals. The project is highly interconnected and relies on extensive collaboration of all participating students and advisors. We live our motto: “Excellence through cooperative research”.

Education for a successful career

Each student will benefit from a profound, interdisciplinary scientific education and the acquirement of additional skills, which lay the basis for a successful career in academia or the industry after completing the PhD study. We are committed to an internationally competitive orientation and realization of the PhD program. Therefore, the language of conduct of the program will be English. We want to promote women in sciences. Consequently, we strongly encourage qualified women to apply.

Discovery of new bioactive substances

The WHO classifies antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today. The discovery of new bioactive substances with pharmaceutical application potential is one of the major challenges of the pharmaceutical industry and medicine. Fungi and plants are an underutilized source for bioactive substances – a source we want to tap into. We combine the means of microbiology, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, and systems biology to reveal yet undescribed biosynthetic pathways of bioactive substances. Modern biochemical and biophysical methods are used to characterize the bioactive substances regarding structure and bioactivity.

Sustainable production of pharmaceuticals

In the age of global warming and overconsumption, an industrial process must consider not only economical but also ecological aspects. A main aim of the PhD program TU Wien bioactive is the development of a sustainable production process for pharmaceuticals. We use renewable plant biomass as nutrient source for the bio-processes of our fungal expression hosts and set up a biorefinery for maximal resource utilization. Additionally, Life Cycle Assessment, nutrient recycling, waste stream management, and carbon dioxide valorisation are deployed to minimize the ecological footprint of the process.